Annette is an open, grounded and committed person - I see Annette as a Therapist, Healer and Spiritual Life Teacher

alt text I was delighted to be given the opportunity to write a few words of endorsement for Gestalt Therapist Annette Hickey. I met Annette on the IGC Training in 2006. The main principle Irish Gestalt Centre training is the personal growth of the individual through a learning community and to become a qualified therapist who is able to establish and maintain an I-Thou relationship with a client that develops self-knowledge and healing for both the client and therapist. In the time that I know Annette, she is thoroughly committed to this principle. Over the years that we know each other, Annette has always been a trusted friend and colleague. My experience of Annette is an open, grounded and committed woman with innate intuitive wisdom and has great ability to communicate this wisdom to another in a simplistic, honest and personal way. Her ability to incorporate the healing power of crystals into her work deepens her competence and her contact with who she is working with. I see Annette as a Therapist, Healer and Spiritual Life Teacher along with being an honest and compassionate colleague and a loving friend. Annette is a valuable asset to the therapeutic community.

Martina Breen - Dip IGC. M.A. (Hons) IAHIP I

Annette holds a thoroughly attentive presence

alt text When in the company of Annette, she holds a thoroughly attentive presence. Her integrity is strong, steady and consistent, allowing movement for something different to occur in the exchange. Her intuitiveness, insightful and intelligent nature, slowly releases itself and emerges in the showing of a warm developed heart. It is my utmost pleasure to know her.

Colette Leask - Psychotherapist

Annette is very knowledgeable about crystals, I felt very safe and reassured in her presence

alt text I thoroughly enjoyed the crystal therapy given to me by Annette. I felt very safe and reassured in her presence. She is exceptionally knowledgeable about crystals and it was obvious how much she loves working with these special stones. I really benefitted from having a series of sessions because I was able to feel within my body and emotions how the healing of the therapy was building and developing inside me. Each time I was with Annette I felt like I was having a pampering treatment. It was deeply relaxing and yet I felt light and energised at the same time. It was also fascinating to feel the different energies of the individual crystals. After session 3 I began to tune into and feel how the crystals were working on the points of my body. I would wholeheartedly recommend crystal therapy with Annette as I found it to be such a special life enhancing experience.

Amanda Mcallister - Artist and Name Analyst.

I was having a crystal healing session by a Psychotherapist, I was in safe hands no doubt

alt text I can highly recommend Annette to anybody looking for a Therapist. Annette puts so much Care and Attention into her Practice. I went to her for six sessions of her Crystal Therapy. At the beginning I was a bit apprehensive as I didn't know too much about it and didn't know what to expect. The environment she created was one of Calm and Quietness where I couldn't help but Relax. So I did. Annette is very grounded and earthy in her way and keeps the working space beautiful and clear.. As the weeks went on I found the sessions as being as much an education as a treatment. Everything she did was commentated on which made for quite an interesting time as well as being Healing. I was having a crystal healing session by a Psychotherapist, I was in safe hands no doubt. Her advice after each session seemed to hit the nail on the head every time. I noticed a general progression in my Well-being as the weeks went on. Subtle differences but I could tell they were important. A lot of insights would arise in the sessions as to how I was blocked and what the causes were. Overall I highly recommend Annette's Crystal Therapy to Everybody. A truly Wonderful and Enlightening experience with a Feminine touch.

Jason Gorham - Spiritual Practitioner at Meditation365.